Importance Of Herbal Medicines

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), " Herbal medicine " includes the herbs, herbal materials , finished herbal products that contain the plant or parts of the plant in a crude or processed form as an active ingredients and may also contain the other excipients(1). Likewise, the European Medicine Evaluation Agency (EMEA) defines "Herbal preparations" as any medicinal product containing entirely or completely the herbal substances or herbal drug preparations as an active ingredients (2).
Herbal drugs are widely used all around the world due to the people's perception that such drugs are safe, less toxic and cheaper than allopathic drugs. The popularity of herbal preparations are due to its affordability, availability and cultural …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that "herbal medicine" includes herbs, herbal materials, finished herbal products that contain the plant in a crude or processed form as an active ingredient and may also contain other excipients.
  • Explains that herbal drugs are widely used around the world due to their affordability, availability, and cultural acceptance as compared to allopathic drugs.
  • Explains that the safety and efficacy of herbal drugs depends on the sources and the quality of raw materials.
  • Opines that quality control of herbal drugs is of great importance for its acceptance in modern system of medicine as there is increasing concern regarding the safety and toxicity of commercially available herbal preparations.
  • Explains that chyawanprash is a semisolid jam-like polyherbal formulation which is sticky in nature. it is widely used as health supplement and medicines since centuries.
  • Explains that chyawanprash is used for the treatment of respiratory system such as cough, asthmatic breathing, bronchial spasm, tuberculosis and also useful as, tonic, rejuvenator, anabolic, memory enhancer and immunomodulator.
  • Opines that due to the medicinal properties of the herb, it is necessary to determine the quality and purity of herbal products available in the commercial market.

Various factors such as, quality of raw materials, its storage and transportation, temperature, light exposure, drying, packing, age and parts of the plant collected, contaminants in the soil, air, water, etc. can greatly affect the quality and the therapeutic value of herbal medicines (4). Nowadays, ayurvedic medicines are manufactured in large quantities in many pharmaceutical industries where various problems arise such as lack of qualitative and authentic raw materials, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), availability of standard protocol for the standardization of medicinal plants and finished ayurvedic product. Various types of contaminations such as microbial contamination, pesticides residues, intentional or unintentional adulteration of heavy metal, allopathic drugs such as steroids, NSAIDs, etc may directly hamper the quality of the herbal formulation. Hence the quality control of the ayurvedic formulation is very important using the modern technique of analysis …show more content…

It is chocolate brown coloured having sweet, spicy, tart taste without any specific pleasant odour. It is widely used as health supplement and medicines since centuries. It consists of about 35- 40 natural ingredients. In Ayurveda, Chyawanprash is classified under the group of Rasayana, where the main aim is maintenance of the body’s integrity, delaying the ageing process, enhancing longevity and improving digestion(10). Chyawanprash, a herbal tonic is used as household remedy and popular for its nutritive value all over the world and is taken by healthy individuals as well. Chyawanprash is prepared in amalaki (Emblica officinalis or Indian Gooseberry) base which is useful for the maintenance of homeostasis in body. Amala is the prime ingredient of Chyawanprash which is the richest source of vitamin C and the richest source of antioxidant. Vitamin C present in amala doesn’t get deteriorated during the preparation of Chyawanprash. Honey present in Chyawanprash acts as "carrier of herbs" known as Yogavahi, which helps in the absorption of herbs into the

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