Importance Of Headings And Subheading In Criminal Justice Report

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1. What do you understand by the face page? What are the major differences, if any, between the continuation page and follow-up report?

The face page consist of the basic identifying information in reports (Miller & Whitehead, 2012). There are blanks provided on the report, and the sequence of the information is arranged. There are other types of reports, such as the continuation page and follow-up reports. There are difference in the reports. The continuation page provides additional information in the form of a narrative, if there is no space for the information on the face page. Normally, this written by the same individual that wrote the face page. Similarly, the follow up report provides additional information but after an investigation has been conducted. Unlike the continuation page, the follow up page is written by another person other not the initial person. (8 Sentences)

2. Summarize the importance of headings and subheadings in criminal justice reports.

We use headings and subheadings here at Middle Georgia State University when writing essays in APA style. Similarly, criminal justice agencies uses headings and subheadings when writing reports. Topics
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We do not use these types of reports in criminal justice report writing. The reason is that subjective reports are biased because it is not based on facts. Typically, criminal justice agencies write reports that are objective in nature that are based on facts that describe the “who, how, what, when, and where.” Subjective reports can be a major setback, especially when trying to convict someone of a crime. It could lead to due process issues. The defendant could feel like he or she is not receiving an impartial trial, because it is based on personal opinion and not fact. Subjective reports could potentially frame someone for a crime when they are innocent. That is why it is import that agencies use objective reports. (9
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