Importance Of Having Good Characteristics

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There is nothing better than having good characteristics. Everyone has different kinds of characteristics. Understanding our characteristics is extremely useful. It helps us to avoid the bad ones and to develop our best characteristics more. We can take active steps to become the person we want to be, and we can make positive changes in our characteristics. Most of characteristics can be learned with practice. Because nobody likes to be around a person who has bad characteristics, it can affect our daily life and friendship. Likewise, lack of good characteristics such as self-confidence can hinder us from achieving our goals. To become effective in our life, we need to develop some good personal characteristics. I know some people who have…show more content…
Self-confidence is very important in every area of our life. Self-confidence is a belief in your ability, skill and experience. If we lose self confidence in ourselves, we will not be able to go further in life. Sometimes I have faced some challenges about who I am and the things I do. I believe I created for a great purpose by God, and I also believe I am an important person. I do not let anybody to treat me as if I am nothing or the way they like. When we do not know who we are, we will be misled by other beliefs or opinions. I believe in myself. I know there is the ability and power in me to become what I went to be. I do not need anybody’s comments or opinions to know who I am. I always remind myself who I am in Christ and the purpose I have made. I always stay away from individuals who put me down and shred my confidence. Similarly, I believe in doing what I believe to be right, even others mock or criticize me for it. I do not expect people to like the things I do. When you have a confident, you do not fear being responsible for the decision you make. Confidence helps to know what to do when mistakes happen and in decision making. Most of the time people do not appreciate the things you do until they see the result. When I decided to get married my family was not happy about it, and they criticized my decision in every way. They did not think I chose the right man for…show more content…
Getting all positive characteristics cannot be happen all in one day, but through commitment and practice anybody can have it. Although forgiving the people who hurt me is not easy, I became able to do it through willingness and practice. Because good characteristics can be learned, people can become the person they want to be. Self-confidence and hard worker characteristics helped me to stand steel in the mist of confusion and to become strong to achieve my dreams. Additionally, the characteristics I mentioned earlier are helping me to have good relationship, peace in my mind, and ability to do things successfully. Good characteristics are very useful to achieve our goals and dreams successfully. There are lots of different kinds of good characteristics in every area of life. Good characteristics enable us to be successful in our family life, on our job, in our friendship, and in lots of different areas. I believe understanding our good and bad characteristics and working hard on them is necessary. It helps us to get rid of the bad characteristics and to develop the goods ones. I will work hard to develop the best characteristics I have and to gain more good ones

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