Importance Of Happiness

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We all want more happiness in life. Happiness quotes seem to be the most popular quotes during all times in life because everyone wants more happiness in their life so that they can enjoy their relationships, career, free time, alone time, and every other time more. We are really starting to learn that the things that we think should make us the happiest are not actually what boosts our happiness for the long run. The following happiness quotes focus on how we can really have happiness no matter what is happening in our lives.

1. Let Others Make Up Their Own Mind

"It turns out that freedom, the ability to make up your mind and change your mind, is the friend of natural happiness." - Dan Gilbert

According to Dan Gilbert, natural happiness
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Making up their own mind and changing their own mind is one ticket to natural happiness, so allow them that freedom! And make sure they allow you your freedom to choose too.

2. Bring Happiness To Others

"If you do helping others, bring more happiness to others, you get benefit." - Dalai Lama

I find a lot of people want to be happy themselves before they do anything for other people, but they are missing an important point - doing for others brings more happiness to you.

Do what you can do to make other people happy. When you do, you not only bring more happiness to their life, you also bring more confidence and inner strength into your life. Moreover, you feel more purpose in your life, which is a natural way to increase your happiness in your daily life.

3. Grow And Give Your Way To Happiness

"If you and I from this day forward are going to be happy, just remember what we 've said, it takes two things: grow and give." - Tony
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Be Like A Child

"When you were 5 years of age, a child, how many moments of joy did you know in 24 hours? Lots of them. Somebody had to make you unhappy. Now, somebody has to make you happy." - Sadhguru

Kids are pretty much happy unless you make them unhappy. But, as adults, those roles reverse and we can be pretty much unhappy unless someone makes us happy. Yes, we have more stress and worries than kids do, but we also take a much harsher approach to life, and we focus more on yesterday and tomorrow than we do today.

There are many happiness lessons you can learn by watching children, but I think one of the best is how they take life moment by moment. They enjoy what they are doing in the moment and stay curious as they go from task to task, which brings us back to the notion that you should be enjoying everything you can.

6. Your Happiness Meter Is Not Predetermined

"Research suggests that about 50% of happiness is genetically determined... 10-20% is something called life circumstances... then all the rest is very much influenced by the way that we think and the way that we act." - Gretchen
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