Importance Of Green Computing

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Definition Green computing can be defined as reduction of the usage of electricity consumed as well as reducing the use of dangerous materials and maximizing the energy efficiency during the devices’ lifespan. Green computing includes numerous kinds of devices like desktops, laptops, printer, smart phones etc. “Green Technology A.k.a. Green IT is the study and use of designing, manufacturing, practicing, and clearance of computers, servers, and connected subsystems—such as monitors, printers, storage devices, and system and communications systems — efficiently and effectively with the lowest or on the environment". –San Murugesan, Distinguished Speaker of ACM (DSP) Sydney, Australia Importance of Green Computing Why is the idea of green computing…show more content…
Environmental Viability – Green technology safeguards the diversity and productiveness of the biological systems since it lowers down the negative impact of the processes through green design, use, removal and green manufacturing. Not only that green IT ensures the environmental and social viability but also commercial sustainability which is mandatory for the survival of human beings. 2. Cost Saving – Buying a green IT device may be a little more expensive than normal computers as extra technology has been added. But since resources are utilized efficiently throughout the green computing process, there is an appreciable amount of saving in the total operational costs. 3. Better Resource Utilization – Green technology is an effective way to make use of resources such as office space, heat, light, computer, electrical power etc. in an environmental friendly way. 4. Improved Corporate and Social Image – Green computing is a big opportunity for small or large corporations to improve their corporate image by meeting compliance and regulatory requisites. It also a good way to meet sustainability demands of the customers and employees.
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