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CAREER PLANNING AS GRAPHIC DESIGNER 1. WHO IS A GRAPHIC DESIGNER Graphic Designing is a form of art. The designer has the chance to come up with an edge which will please the end-user and leave a long-lasting impact on their brain. So, a graphic designer is mainly a person who uses a set of colors, styles, imagery and vibrancy to give come up with an end result which fulfills the pre-define requirements. This end result could be on print or in digital. At the end of the day it is the smart use of all available tools and perfectly thought layout that will result into artistically pleasing design. Graphic designer is responsible to develop the inclusive look and feel of the product. Without a properly planned design any intellect product can fall head first. Hereafter, the importance of graphic designer is equally important during any product development life cycle. A graphic designer, also often referred to as a graphic artist, garbs many different hats while using an equally various number of media to create numerous types of designs. Graphic designers work to visually express a particular message or idea that has perceptible appeal and the respected profession is highly sought out for sponsoring and displaying a wide variety of products, ideas, and communications. Graphic design is used every single day in the world of promotion, including everything from books and journals, health and personal care, food products, vehicles, clothing, computers, and just about everything else you could think of in between. Product wrapping is a huge part of any type of business and requires the expertise of a graphic designer who understands not only the general marketing phase of business, but also the client's main objective. Working close... ... middle of paper ... ...oin them. 8. CONCLUSION Success in graphic design begins with recognizing the talent and desire to creatively communicate in print and digital media. The foundation for completing the necessary educational requirements begins with high school coursework that college-level classes build on. Enrolling in a graphic design program at an accredited college, university, private design school or online college and graduating with an effective portfolio completes the process. Graphic designers conceptualize, develop and bring into existence visual solutions to overcome problems in communications. Graphic design encompasses an exciting variety of electronic and print media, photography, animation, layout and use of color to effectively and efficiently communicate a concept or message to an audience. An inherent creative and artistic ability is the prerequisite requirement.

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