Importance Of Government Trust

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Can the United States government be trusted? One of the main ideas of a successful democracy is having a strong government that you can trust. Unfortunately from time to time they make statements that will begin to break this trust. The level of trust has dropped in recent years and doesn’t look to be getting better anytime soon. By taking a look at reasons not to trust the government, a closer look can be taken to try and figure out a way to increase the confidence Americans have in the federal government. Having a successful society takes many different things. One big thing is to have a government that has the ability to serve its citizens properly and in as effective manner as possible. The concept that makes this possible is trust. Without trust, humans have no reason to work together to build bigger and better things (Simpson 2). As Americans begin to lose faith, and by extension trust, in their government, it begins to get harder to create bigger and better things. Clem Brooks and Simon Cheng noted that “no trend in U.S. public opinion has elicited more enduring concern among scholars, political commentators, and politicians than declining levels of public confidence in the…show more content…
The poll highlights three parts of government, the Presidency, U.S. Supreme Court, and Congress. The confidence that the average U.S. citizen has had in Congress has never been very high, with an all-time high of thirty percent. As of the most recent poll, confidence was at an all-time low of seven percent. By comparison, the level of trust citizens have in the Presidency and the U.S. Supreme court is much higher. They have all-time highs of fifty and seventy-two percent respectively. Currently they have rates of twenty-nine percent for the Presidency and thirty percent for the Supreme Court (

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