Importance Of Goals In Writing And Reading

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Setting Goals are extremely essential to acquire success. If there is an aim and determination, then nothing can stop from fulfilling the goals. I have always set goals in my life and more specifically, in writing and reading. Before coming to Sac State and taking English 10 and 11, I had few goals which I wanted to fulfill. My ultimate goal in writing and reading is to get advance and go beyond my expertise. I only wanted to obtain new knowledge in writing and reading, but the first year learning goals helped me understand what I need to work on to achieve my ultimate goal. I have learned to read variety of texts and write different styles of writing in English. The work I have done in each semester has fulfilled almost all of the first year learning goals.
Learning new ways of writing and reading is very significant because it helps us become a better writer and reader. Goal#1 is “To help students understand the ways that readers read and writers write in and beyond university.” Some of the texts which I have read last semester which has left a huge impact on me are “Unteaching the Five Paragraph Essay” by Foley, “Mother Tongue” by Tan “Teaching Standard English…” by Christensen and last but
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Goal# 3 is “To help students develop a metacognitive understanding of processes of reading, writing, and thinking.” The workshops I have done in English 10/11 are the biggest example of goal#3. The revision plans extremely helps examine the mistakes I have done in the paper. I always have learned something new through the revision and comments of my peers. To be aware of our own mistakes is important because it helps not repeating them again. Other example is the letter I have wrote at the end of English 10 assessing my First Year Learning Goals. The letter showed me where I stand in writing and reading after English 10. It shows my progress towards the First Year Learning
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