Importance Of Gloves In Kitchen

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Glove Wearing in the Kitchen There are many different types of opinions on if gloves should be worn in the kitchen or not. Everyone has a reason or a past experience on why they pick that reason that they do. In my opinion gloves should not be worn in the kitchen. If all employees don’t get trained on the proper use of gloves they will just keep getting misused and cross contamination will keep happening. In my past experience I have seen gloves being used improperly a lot more than I would like to. It might seem like a good idea at first to wear gloves, but if you dig deeper into the situation you might rethink your decision. One reason that they shouldn’t be worn is because of bacteria growth. Since you have to wash your hands before putting on the gloves, your hands…show more content…
Some chefs might use gloves the proper way but some over use them. Now I’m not saying get rid of gloves completely in a kitchen, I just think that if chefs use them less it would be better for the environment because in the production of gloves a lot of wastewater is produced. The wastewater produced by these plants can contain sulfur, ammonia and many more chemicals. Also all around less waste is better. Not only will it be better for the environment it will also save some businesses money. If the business doesn’t have to buy as much gloves then they could spend that money on something else that might need it. Those restaurants could use that money for other things to improve their kitchen even more. There are going to be many debates on whether gloves should be worn in the kitchen or not along with those debates comes with many different opinions. In my opinion good things to think about is because of bacteria growth, proper glove wearing and the environment. A recent study shows that there are roughly 48 million people who get sick each year from a foodborne illness and out of that 18,000 of them are
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