Importance Of Globalization

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Globalization contains various aspects of meanings, it is a spontaneous, uncontrolled process of ever more intense integration of the world’s countries in a single economic system. According to the definition of the word of ‘Globalization’ by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the globalization is a developing economic interdependence of countries globally as the consequence of the increasing volume and nature of tariff transaction in goods or services. Moreover, the development of advance technology makes it more easier for people to communicate world-wide ( via the Internet, international video phone calls, E-mails etc.),and the transportation of distribute goods between different countries are much cheaper and faster than it was before the 90s of last centuries (when the trends of globalization was not commonly widespread on a global stage). The globalization is also the continuous stream of information that may bring the changes to all social processes, and a transformation of time and space. It not only changes the world’s economy situations, but it also have a huge impact on people’s daily lives world-wide. Therefore, because of the development of globalization, new norms, rules and regulations were made. International business occurred, organizations for international business both governmentally or non-governmentally (WTO for instance). Globalization involves more openness in the international economy, despite the development of the advances of technology, the trade liberalization and other forms of economic liberalization which brought the reductions in trade protection and a more liberal international trading system. Ever since the 1990s, with the efforts made by the World Trade Organization (WTO), the tariffs and ... ... middle of paper ... ...ure. For instance, the ‘world music’, new technology and transportations allow more audiences to enjoy the music or any old/new musical that only may few people have the chance to see in the past. And it is now also quit common for any famous singers/dancers/etc. to have their ‘world tour shows’. All these methods have then influenced the music we hear, the novels we read today, and then our norms and values towards the popular culture have more or less changed than it was during the past few decades. According to the information mentioned above, the word of ‘Globalization’ is not an easy and simple phenomenon to describe. It contains various meanings that in respect of different aspects. The influences that the globalization has brought to our current world are not only about the world’s economy situations, but also it is about the political and social affects.

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