Importance Of Friendship In My Life

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If we look up the word friend we would find that is “ A person attached to anther by feelings or personal regard.” One of the most important things in my life is friendship. My life without friends would be so unhappy and monotonous. Having friends taught me the meaning of true love. However, I don’t call everybody “friend”. Even though I don’t have lots of friends, the ones I do have are indeed very good and loyal friends. There are people that brag about having many friends, yet when they truly need ne, they find themselves alone. On the other hand, there are people who claim they don’t need friends in their life. The importance of friends in life differs from one perspective to another. In this essay I’ll be talking about the role of friendship in my life and how my friends bring happiness to my life, support me, and help me to be a better person.
To begin with, my friends bring happiness to my life in the simplest ways. My friends are the cherry to my pie. They aren’t perfect, but they love me; I think that’s what matters the most. My friends are always trying to humor me, doing funny and silly things just to make me laugh. I’ll never be sad being next to my friends because they’ll find a way to change my mood. When I’m feeling stressed or even depressed, I seek for them because I know they’ll make me feel better. For instance, the
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Although, all my friends have their own responsibilities. They make time for me. My friends are always by my side when I need them. They give me the strength on those moments I can’t continue no more. There’s nothing better that having someone that is with you not only in the good times, but in the bad ones too. We’ll always find someone to go to a party or to hang out because people love diversion and having a good moment. However not everybody is willing to be there when we are in our worst moments. Even though my friends a busy schedule, they’re always by my side to support