Importance Of Friendship In Life

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From a young age, many individuals are impacted by important relationships that will forever change their lives. Relationships with individuals, whether they are family, coworkers, or friends, will have an effect on our futures. For me, the important relationship has always been my various friendships with countless different individuals. Having positive friendships is essential my happiness and well-being. Although my friendships have changed drastically as I have aged, every individual has touched my heart tremendously. Friendships come in various different forms, but the effects of the relationship on any individual are long-lasting. The typical favorite friend is better known as the best friend. The friend that someone may have known…show more content…
The friend who loves me romantically, but will put our friendship above any other interest. He is the person that always shows how much he loves me, whether it is by him opening car doors for me, telling me to drive safely, or even surprising me with flowers. Love is not about material possessions, but instead about showing his compassion and love. Also, he constantly tries to help through every circumstance. Whether I had an unpleasant day or begin feeling a bit depressed, he genuinely does his best to increase my happiness. He understands my emotions completely and knows some days I cannot control what I feel. Although I have only been dating him for six months, we have known each other for years and our friendship has always been important. In addition, his utmost important quality is his respect for me. He truly respects my future goals for myself and is rooting for me as I try to achieve them. He knows that becoming a nurse is extremely crucial to my future success and encourages that I try new opportunities that may relate to my future. My morals and values are respected at all times by him, and he accommodates our future based on the future I envision for myself. The greatest aspect of having a boyfriend who is also my friend is the common interests and respect we will always have for each
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