Importance Of Friends Essay

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We live in a world where we need friends to spend our life happily. Some people say you don’t need friends in your life. I even heard saying from people that friends are waste of time and friends are not loyal to you. Each person has its own thinking and ideas how he or she thinks about particular idea. But I personally believe that we all need friends in our life. It then depends what kind of friends you make. If you will make good friends you will have good consequences in life. Whereas if you don’t make good friends in life you will not have good consequences in life. So we have to be aware of what friends we need around us. Everyone need friends to spend their life happily .Friends plays very important role in life, you can share you worries to your friends,…show more content…
Our family are closet people in our life. But there are certain dark secrets about us which we can’t open to our family but our friends are aware of them. In other words friends are your third eye to look for you. No one in this world is super human who can do everything by himself without any help from others. Similarly I had friends in my school but when I moved away to other city. I lost my contact with them. I started going to new school and I was not having any friends in new school for first two months. Those two months were very hard for me, many times I wanted to talk to someone in lunch time but I would be sitting alone eating my food no one to talk to me. But then I meet two people and started talking to them and now those two people are my best friends. It has been ten years now for our friendship. We all have been through ups and down in these ten years but we choose to stand next to each other and help each other. In a way we all proved our friendship mover the years many times. Since I migrated to U.S two years ago, I missed my friends a lot when I came here, I would think I wish they were here with me but, life goes on and we need to move with
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