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People naturally feel good when they look good. When a woman does her hair, nails, or makeup just the way she likes it, the results can even be heard in her voice. The trouble is that with the regular 9 to 5 shuffle, there isn't too much time to spend doing anything extra, and our body and hair care are usually among the first things to be neglected. Here are some free beauty secrets and tips that can be done quickly and easily to help you achieve and maintain healthy skin and a beautiful appearance.

Use these free beauty secrets and tips daily or before a special occasion for bombshell results.


Eyes are one of our most impressive features. They're said to be the window to the soul, and eyes can certainly tell a lot about a person's
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Their curves can express displeasure or approval, and their color and form can range from mirth to sensual. Handle with care! Hang on to these free beauty secrets and tips for sensual lips.

Use a lip liner that is a shade darker than the lipstick. When applying lip liner, use a table as an anchor to ensure no bumps or faux pas.
Change up your everyday shade and style of lipstick by combining it with different substances. You can create a number of textures this way. Apply a small amount of powder to create a matte finish over your regular lipstick, or use Vaseline or clean lip-gloss as a base coat for a glossy sheen. Mix in a little bit of eye shadow for smoky and sensual look.
For fuller lips, use glossy lipstick. This reflects the light and gives the illusion of more fullness.

Lightly brush your choice of blush diagonally in an upward motion from your cheekbone to the side of your cheek.
For dry skin, wash with mild soap and water once or twice a day (morning and night is fine). For oily skin, wash face frequently, and use an astringent to discourage oil saturation.
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After a shower, dab and squeeze the hair. Don't rub and pull at it because wet hair can easily break and do damage to the base cuticles.
Boar bristle brushes produce the best results. They are gentler on your hair, and help distribute natural oils throughout your hair.

Go natural. Mother Nature provided us with an array of skin and hair care products as her gift to us. Dandy lion root is excellent for metabolism; aloe Vera is soothing to the skin; ginger needles, geranium, and orange blossom exfoliate; elderflower, nettles, yarrow, and cranberry extract rejuvenate and replenish skin; lavender, jasmine, and many other leaves are natural stress relievers; sea algae removes toxins and improves circulation; dead sea mud is rich in minerals that our hair and body thirst for; shea butter, avocado and olive oil are also great for the skin and hair.
Touch your face as little as possible. Dirt and foreign oils can clog pores and cause irritations to your sensitive skin.

Soak nails in lemon juice to remove stains, and buff for a shiny sheen. Apply one to two coats of your favorite color, and coat with a clear vitamin-rich topcoat. These are great free beauty secrets and tips for the nails that certainly cost a lot less than a

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