Importance Of Fitness Education Essay

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Fitness Education is the instructional and learning process of acquiring knowledge, skills and values, experiencing regular participation in physical activity and promoting healthy nutrition choices to achieve life-enhancing health-related fitness. The purpose of Fitness Education is to help students acquire knowledge and a high level of understanding of physical fitness, good habits of physical activity and to help students make healthy life choices. The five physical aspects to Fitness Education are a great way to test your students to see where there strengths and weaknesses are. The IFFEPE better known as the Instructional Framework for Fitness Education in PE have eight components that suggest what students should know at different grade…show more content…
These are great for a PE classroom if you want to set up stations to help develop these five physical aspects. For Cardiovascular Endurance you could have your students run stairs or run the mile to test their cardiovascular endurance. Muscular Endurance you could have your students do pushups or dips for a set number of minutes to see where they are at in their muscular endurance. Muscular Strength would be weightlifting station and even though most students at a young age cannot lift a lot you can have them use their own body weight by doing squats or pushups. Flexibility/Balance would be stretching station and this would be great to incorporate every PE class with your students because you want them to stretch before every class when students are about to partake in physical activity. Body Composition would be aerobic exercises. You could set up your lesson plan by having one or two designated classes a month you could teach yoga to your students to help with student’s body composition. I never worked on Body Composition throughout my middle school and high school years and I feel if my PE teachers taught more aerobic exercises to help with body composition it would have helped me on the football field as a lineman being able to move my body easier. These five physical…show more content…
These eight components are Technique, Knowledge, Physical Activity, Health-Related Fitness, Responsible Personal and Social Behaviors, Values and Advocates, Nutrition and Consumerism. These components are great to relate to you PE class to tell your students about. These components are keys if you want you PE students to succeed, maintain and live a healthy life. Technique demonstrates competency in techniques needed to perform a variety of moderate to vigorous physical activities. This helps students with their techniques in developing cardiovascular fitness as well as muscle strength and flexibility. Knowledge demonstrates understanding of fitness concepts, principles, strategies and individual differences needed to participate and maintain a health-enhancing level of fitness. This shows students the benefits of physical activity and the dangers of physical inactivity. Physical Activity participates regularly in fitness-enhancing physical activity. This can help students come up with an individualized physical activity plan for themselves. Health Related Fitness achieves and maintains a health-enhancing level of health-related fitness. This helps students set goals and create a fitness improvement plan as well as work to improve fitness components and to achieve the goals that the students set for
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