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In a final draft, there are key concepts needed in the draft before it is finalized and turned in. First off, a final draft is someone’s final essay that is polished and ready to be disseminated to other people. The final draft has been proof read for any grammar mistakes, and fixed to correct sentence structures and sentence fragments. The final draft should have incorporated the comments made by the writer’s peers by recognizing the problem and improving the draft. These comments could vary from a spelling error to completely rewriting an entire paragraph. Furthermore, the final draft should have well organized paragraphs that organized the writer’s thoughts. This could be done by transition words to help the flow from one thought to another…show more content…
From an early age, people write. Children usually begin with writing letters. As they grow older, they use letters to create words, and words to make sentences. These sentences will be turned into paragraphs, and paragraphs into essays. Organizing an essay means that the writing makes sense, and in order to make sense, outlines, paragraphs and coherence is necessary. The purpose of an outline is to work according to the plan. First of all, brainstorm the ideas, and then, group them together. Next, order them logically, and finally label them in headings and subheadings. When it is done, recheck the outline, and see if it makes sense. Does it connect to the thesis? Is there enough support for each argument? Does it cover everything important? Is it in logical…show more content…
While little children write just one paragraph, others have at least five paragraphs. These five paragraphs usually follow the order of introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The paragraphs are created to indicate a shift in either tone, topic, or point of view. Even if an essay does not have five paragraphs, the three parts are necessary. Moreover, the principle of the essay defines the arrangement. For example, for a cause and effect paper, a writer may want to start off with a mediocre tone, but end dramatically with a very strong conclusion. On the other hand, for a paper about events, a writer should write in a chronological order. A research, which students mostly write, can be in a compare/contrast order. No matter what type of paper it is or what the main idea is, a paragraph must be supportive, strong, and connected. Every essay has at least one argument, and all the paragraphs must somehow support the thesis. These evidences have to be strong and concise. Furthermore, every paragraph must connect to the paragraphs before and after

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