Importance Of Family Policy

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Family is the most important thing for the human being to survive in this world, without of family the human being could live without hope, present and future. Family policies change over the time and across the world wide. Family policy is usually refers to social programs, laws and public directives are designed to promote, support enhance the marriage, reproduction and raising children. A family is a group of two or more people that reside together and who is related by birth, marriage, or adoption. Family Policy is referred to as all social and economic policies that affect the diverse families around the world, the family policy usually refers to the different social programs, laws, and public services that are designed to promote and…show more content…
It’s play an important role and vital to advocate for well practices that improve child and families outcomes. Also, to promote the best access to quality of child care, preschool and a comprehensive health care and to improve the tax of low - and moderate - income working families in this way the family can have economic success and supporting child safety and welfare. Many families looked like mode of families such as children living with single parent, children raised with a divorce single, and by a divorced father. some children are raised by a single mother, and some just half have ever been married, some others live with with a parent who cohabits with an unmarried partner. The rapid rise in a single parenthood, which is associated with higher levels of poverty, and poverty rates for unmarried mothers barely differ from married couples. The disadvantages are associated with single parenthood and are due to lower incomes (of single parents) and the other hand the rest are due to too little parental involvement and supervision and too much residential mobility. The changing of the economy, rising education, job…show more content…
The extent that I believe the future will be bright a brilliant future is that if we really work together to make the difference in order to have a better world for the well being of our families and children. Now, we are here to make the difference advocate for all human being, no matter where you come from, color of skin, race, language, values, culture or beliefs etc. We are here now and I want my voice to be heard, my wish is that all the world has a dynamics countries on earth and it is a foundation with strong democracy. The government needs to create a policy making to help the families to move beyond the individual, such as economically, to help children and spouses who are widowed, earn lower wages, and are divorced. Examples of how individualism has affected US policy culture is by not providing comprehensive vision to strengthen and supporting families needs, such as children will grow up in a disadvantage way on the school, families will passing by a hight levels of stress, poorly child care, and educational programs. The difficulties in moving family policy forward would be that the policy makers doesn't have a
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