Importance Of Family Medicine

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Could you have imagined that a small town boy from rural Louisiana would grow up and see the world in the name of medicine? Seeing the world beyond my small town was all I thought of as a child. Pursuing family medicine physician originated from personal experiences first as a patient then to provider in the typical rural south. As a medical student, I completed my third and fourth year clinical rotations in rural and medically underserved settings in rural areas in Poland and Louisiana. Since then, I’ve discovered that primary care is so basic if the individual is healthy – yet crucial when diagnosis methods are used to treat complex medical concerns. Of all the disciplines of medicines I choose family medicine because it is the frontline…show more content…
I gained a Master’s in Clinical Research from Tulane University School of Medicine then I completed a 10 month research clerkship in trauma and critical care where my research allowed me to gain further experience in data mining and report processing using several electronic health records systems. Additionally, I remained active in the clinical setting, completing a three month outpatient family medicine clerkship and a three month primary care and medicine clerkship. My goal is to practice in a medically underserved community and have involvement in translational and patient-centered outcomes research, particularly projects that will identify shortfalls in practice and health disparities among minority groups within the U.S. population. I plan to use reports from electronic health records to develop strategies that will improve overall patient care by comparing effective interventions, and shorten the time between discovery and application by healthcare providers. These improvements will not only have a positive impact on the health and well-being of patients across the board, but also contribute to a more effective bench-to-bedside, and bedside-to-community…show more content…
Moreover from my understanding of the nature of medically underserved communities, in particular, from my small town upbringing to my travels in the United States and around the world, support my medical education in those communities and will assist me significantly in my career. I have much to learn about family and community medicine and believe that my present skills will fit well into a residency program committed to advocating for patients as well as treating their maladies. I look forward to expanding my knowledge and skill base in a collaborative atmosphere dedicated to improving our patient’s health, lives, and
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