Importance Of Fairness

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A fairer organisation plays an important role in business world. Researchers define fairness as “a judgement of whether an outcome and/or the process to reach an outcome are reasonable, acceptable, or just” (Bolton et al., 2003, p. 474). Thus, we must avoid the customer relationship management paradox. Customer relationship management paradox have been labelled as initial intention of treating customers differently to build and strengthen the relationship with each customer in unique ways, the end result may alienate other customers and weaken relationships with them precisely because of the differential treatment”. In order to avoid this thing, they are four stages towards fairer customer management practises and present five steps for managing…show more content…
This stage needs managers and firms to have fully understanding of the needs and managing the expectations of the key groups of customers. In return, managers can knows which groups that need more attention and how to retain their customers with appropriate action.
Third stages are creating emphasis on positive inferences and goodwill. They need to analyse the customer behavioural traits and their understanding on how they will react to CRM. Firms need to recognise this possible consequence and realise the importance of monitoring and managing customer perceptions of trust and fairness (Selnes, 1998). This is important because fairness issues and trust are related closely to the customer’s willingness to provide their behavioural data, and satisfaction towards a firm.
The fourth stage is promoting morality in marketing for the greater social good. The fourth stage underscores the need for the higher management to link with a higher level of philosophical thinking, and to permeate the organisation with a social and ethical proposition. At fundamental levels, several similarities in the causes of the current financial crisis and the issues of the CRM paradox and unfairness can be
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Managers must fix a communications infrastructure and procedures to avoid any blames for any injustice or other disastrous results. It is important for addressing the issues of fairness at any levels of organisation in terms of communication structure because this is the perquisite to developing a fairer organisation that has the Knowledge Management (KM) practices in their organisations. Second steps are committed wholeheartedly with an overall strategic focus. To avoid things such as wasting important resources, the managers in the first place have to organise and transfer the message accordingly to the involved parties. This can give a sign for the organisation to recognize the key groups inside the company that who are regularly contacting to the customers. For the efforts to implement fairer mechanisms, it must begin with a good overall strategic focus that needs the involvement and influence from the senior
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