Importance Of Existentialism

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Existentialism is logical Existentialism is logical and I’m on board, you should be too. It doesn’t disapprove god, it simply says we were not made with a predetermined set of characteristics. We go about our lives making our essence. It removes the idea of good and bad to show us a deeper meaning of the choices that shape us. We devote a lot of time to find meaning in our lives, many of us find it in religion, fighting for social justice, helping the wellbeing of others or simply finding beauty in the mundane. However, existentialist say these things can give your life meaning but at the same time not. Sartre looked at essence and questioned what if we are born first and then create our essence? Instead of god or some outside ideas or…show more content…
There are theist existentialist and they refute the notion that god made the universe, or our world, or us, with any purpose in mind. So, god can exist, but he was not the one to install meaning into the world, your life or the cosmos. As a result, we are born into a world where our life, world, and actions lack any real inherit importance. This is known to existentialist as absurd. Which they use the word to describe a search for answers in an answerless world. However, we are creatures who crave meaning but are abandoned in a world full of meaninglessness. So, if you remove god and the idea that the world was created for a reason and it doesn’t exist for a reason then there are no absolutes to abide by (i.e. no justice, fairness, order, or…show more content…
He believes that we are so unbound and pain steaking free. Not what most people think of freedom, we are just so unbelievably free to a scary extent. In this case there are no guidelines, rules or tracks for our actions. Thus, each of us are bound to design our own moral code. We are tasked to invent a moral standard to live by. Sartre believes we are condemned in freedom. In his eyes, he found this terrifyingly awful. Sartre believes that there is no one to look up to because anyone you look up to for answers are all false authorities. When you receive answers from these people they are just a person like you that once sought an answer and had to figure their own judgement of the question. You must realize the only weight and meaning of your life is given to you by yourself. Thus, bringing ourselves to a point Sartre brought up about bad faith, if you decide to let others make or influence your decisions then you are in bad faith. Bad faith is essentially you believing something out there has meaning that you did not give it. So, in an example, a young woman has the choice to spend her free time at a soup kitchen or at an animal shelter. She feels torn between helping animals and the well-being of others, but she could only attend to one cause. She could help the animals and contribute to more humane living conditions for the animals. Her cause might be small, but the outcome could

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