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The majority of people in this society try to exercise and eat right to stay healthy. The problem is that they worry more about exercising and not getting good nutrition. They do not understand that exercise is not enough to be healthy. In order to be healthy, people should be aware of what they eat. This may not be easy for everyone, but one can get support from family and friends in order for it to be easy. Good nutrition is more important than regular exercise because it helps in losing weight, helps to fuel the body, prevent the risk of getting diseases, and helps building muscles. First, losing weight happens faster through a proper diet and not doing exercise. Good nutrition is more important than exercise because it helps to lose weight. Weight loss happens through 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise. From 2001 to 2009, the percentage of Americans exercising increased and so did the obesityrate. This proves that exercise is not enough for an overweight person to lose weight. People should eat more fruits and vegetables and eat fewer calories than they usually every day. However, regular exercise is not always convenient. Good nutrition can help on weight loss because this is a way one can lose weight if one does not have time to exercise. A lot of people have really busy schedules, they are unable to exercise, go to the gym, go for walk or jog outside. Also, going to the gym requires money and many people would not be able to afford that. In addition, bad weather can also prevent people from doing exercise. Therefore, a healthy diet is more beneficial to lose weight and not exercise. Second, Good nutrition is more important than exercise because it helps to fuel the body. There is a relationship between food and exer... ... middle of paper ... ...a few days of working out my body was experiencing any change. I realized that the reason my body was not experiencing change is because of what I was eating. I was not eating much protein and healthy foods. Later I started to eat foods that contain high protein and then I started to experience change, my muscles were getting bigger and stronger. Foods that contain high in protein can help to build muscles such as cottage cheese, chicken breast, whole eggs, canned tuna, etc. So therefore, having enough protein is the main key in order to build muscle. In conclusion, good nutrition is more important than exercise to stay healthy because it helps to lose weight, helps to fuel the body, prevents getting diseases, and helps to build muscles. In order to stay healthy, make sure to eat enough foods and stay away from foods that contain too much sugar, fats, and calories.

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