Importance Of Event Planning

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INTRODUCTION The report states that an event that is to be organized by the multinational company, where a chain of hotels and restaurants operated by hospitality starlets all over the market. The event basically is a corporate event that has been designed for two purposes mainly for reward the delegates for their previous performances and set new targets and goals for the future challenges so as to earn more revenues. The report contains the materials such as choice of the destination and venue, program that has been planned for the event, estimated budget. The event consists of presentations which briefly describes about the performance of the past and targets that are to be set for future where 250 people are invited. The event is to be likely fun and will be allotted with luxury dining. The accommodation for the delegates has to be arranged accordingly for their stay. A event planner is required to plan the event or any intermediate is required to complete the action for event planning. Pampering the delegates is the main focus here by giving presentations which is likely to be held in this meeting. The further discussion of the topic will be carried forwarded in the assignment with details. DESTINATION The most important thing for event planning is to choose the right place where the event is going to be executed while choosing a location the first thing that strikes to the mind for event known as destination. According to Kilkenny (1995), the incentive based conference has become the most important and new trend in the conference industry. Basically every company and their team who plans for the event on whom the whole responsibility is being given, always finds a place where everything sort of small to big things ... ... middle of paper ... ... delegates who are visiting so that the event become successful if all the people who are being invited to this event turns up towards the success of this event. To organize the event the planner had to work very hard and planning of the event since long time to make this as success. Though being an corporate event where this event brings profits for the organization, it can also be known as incentive based event because this event brings energy, refreshments, motivates and boost up the employees so that they can be prepared for more challenges and thus it can bring out their best performances for the profit and success of the company. The event is to be taken care of, by the event manager for all the required facilities and the team who are conducting the event must be ready with past performance rewards and future planning for the profit towards the organization.
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