Importance Of Ethics In Management

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Richard Horn

The importance of ethics in management

In view of global crises such as the common threat imposed to the natural environment or the underdevelopment in the Third World (child labor , forced labor , catastrophic working conditions in the factories , etc.) and numerous public and private sector scandals, moral and ethical issues become of general interest to us. More and more people wonder about the meaning and value of economic development. Certainly, the public has grown and expressed sensitivity and interest to ethical issues as a result of such problem areas. Ethics does not only serve as input for the reflection of the crisis into the discussion, but also as a requirement of minimum morality in economics, without which a modern, market organized society ultimately would not seem possible. How can now interfaces be found between the research ethics as a philosophical discipline and economic sciences ? Can ethics thus serve as the basis and starting point for the application of operational or economical thoughts ?

After a thorough review the concept of ethics reffers to an act or conduct which is not based solely on traditional , learned or practiced rules, norms and values , but also always on the situation and especially the people taken into account. The ethical consciousness of an individual person is based on experiences that must be subjected to critical and rational choice, as they simply can not be logically derived from principles.
However, ethics is not to become a discipline that will only be used if you feel like it and you can see no other way out . A life according to moral norms and values should accompany us all the time and no matter whether at work or in private life it should play a significa...

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...mass " is created by protagonists of mutual respect , there will be a chance that the whole system tilts and hence partnership –effectiveness and ethics becomes the general principle in business .
Healthy doubts , however, are attached : The current system has proved itself to be extremely stable, and many executives will defend their privileges such as power and status by all means available to them . In contrast, the demand -tion of employees for more participation and recognition is within limits. Whether we are already ripe for a partnership based on appreciation and world -saving work or whether we still need hierarchy and control, is not yet decided.
The one who believes in the value of appreciation should therefore practice it even against resistance and in addition should not be surprised or disappointed when it results in a different outcome than expected.

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