Importance Of Ethics And Integrity

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Abstract Law enforcement officers are held to a higher standard with tremendous power, not just because they are tasked with dealing with other people 's concerns and situations, but their power places them in a position of authority and influence over a citizen’s life, freedom, and property based on judgement. Ethics, morality and conduct can be considered one of law enforcement’s highest training and leadership requirements. With high profile cases of police behavior displayed in the media, it vital that officials in the law enforcement profession confront the ethical issues. The purpose of this assignment is to offer reasons ethics and integrity will be important in my future career choice and determine the potential aspects…show more content…
After discussing the principles of ethics and morality, and code of conduct, I will recommend ways in which law enforcement officers should utilize them both on and off duty. Finally, I will identify and discuss the two most important aspects related to Milwaukee’s code of conduct within law enforcement. Importance of ethics and integrity Principles and values are some of the terms given to ethics and integrity. They are behaviors and actions that are important to me. My personal values are mine alone which I have learned through my upbringing, my cultural and ethnic background, my religious beliefs and my personal experiences. Ideally, my ethical behavior is based on character and law enforcement is given guidance based on many factors (training, department support, and peer influence) to express how they are supposed to behave in a given situation. In an article in…show more content…
Doing the right thing, even when nobody is looking or working alongside other officers, is what the public demands and expects from law enforcement. Recognizing the importance of both ethics and integrity a career in law enforcement, I must keep in mind that what I do in uniform affects not only myself as a person but the department and peers of the profession. These principles and values will help guide me toward ethical behavior and ethical decision making. I feel that only in this way will I be able to provide the degree of service my community deserve and to really begin the work of making a difference in the lives of others.
Ethics, Morality and Law Basically, law is meant to enforce and consider the moral and ethical principles within a civilized society. To begin with, it should be realized that slight differences exist between morals and ethics. Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines morality as the “beliefs about what is

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