Importance Of Ethical Values In Nursing

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In this situation, my initial reaction was that I was not really surprised about what his mistake and I understand him because I have heard similar accidents where they administered wrong medications. However, I got astonished about what he disclosed at the end that he was not going to report it and ask me to keep it as a secret. As a nurse being in that situation, I will feel guilty for not reporting the incident to other health care professional. On the other hand, He is not just a nurse but also my friend, I will feel bad because he could loss his job and he got children to take care of.
Clients are unique from each other. In other words, they have different values and beliefs. As a health care professional, these values and beliefs of
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According to College of Nurses of Ontario Ethics (2009), maintaining commitments and truthfulness are some of the ethical values that are significant in delivering care. In this situation, those two values were in question. Firstly, the nurse broke his promises to provide effective, ethical and safe care for the client. Incorrect dosage of medication is totally not safe for the patient and could put patient’s health in danger. The nurse clearly did not maintain his commitments. Secondly, the nurse did not inform the client about the incident. The client was not aware about the error that the nurse committed. Clients have the right to know all the information about her/his health (CNO Ethics,…show more content…
First, I will talk to my friend who did the mistake in a respectful and empathetic manner. I will let him know that medication dosage error is very serious and life threatening. The incident had happened before and it could possibly happen in the future. Even though, the patient did not experience any adverse effect about the dosage error that does not mean that we should just not care about it. As a nurse, we want to improve patient’s health and protect them from harm. Another option is I will report it to the nurse manager so that he/she could take an appropriate action so that my friend and fellow nurse will take cautions and other health care professionals can learn from the incident as well and that could improve patient’s safety and so that error like this will be reduced, eliminated and it would not happen

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