Importance Of Ethical Leadership

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In this seminar we can observer four characters, and each one has a different perception of ethical leadership, which was defined by Brow, Treviño, & Harrison as “demonstration of normatively appropriate conduct through personal actions and interpersonal relationships, and the promotion of such conduct to followers through two-way communication, reinforcement, and decision-making (2005, p. 120). Also to underline that according to Gini “All leadership, whether good or bad, is moral leadership…” (1997).

First, Mike is an ethical teacher who is concerned about environment and business practices carried out in last times. For Mike, ethical leadership is set by the top of the organisations, who serve as example for the rest of employees: if superiors
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It depends mainly on corporate culture of the company and their goals. In Mike and Jan is possible to observer a values-based culture, meanwhile in Jan a traditional compliance-based culture. The difference between of them is basically that in the first it is considered that basic function of ethics is obey to the law and rules, and in the second it is given more priority to a set of values that the rules, referring to “doing the right thing in addition to doing things right” (Hartman & DesJardins, 2011).

In conclusion, leaders or play an important role in corporate culture of a company and are one of the members who form the governance corporate. According to Treviño Hartman, & Brown (2000) to be an “ethical leader” is necessary to be a moral person, and the same time a moral manager. (as cited in Crane & Matten, 2010). This implies, on the one hand, to own values as honesty and integrity (in related to moral person); on the other hand, to follow an ethical behaviour on professional and private scale, employees’ moral behaviour be rewarded and unethical conducts punish, and to have conversations about ethics with employees. (Treviño et al., 2000, as cited in L. van den Akker, Heres, Lasthuizen & Six, 2009). Finally and regarding to the characters, only Mike and Jan would be ethical leaders in my opinion, because they can combine benefits with ethics. Meanwhile Mei-Hua and Deshi have their main objective in obtaining beneficial and this could be a mistake to succeed because of “Ethics is truly an essential ingredient for business success” (Arjoon,
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