Importance Of Ethical Decision Making

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Assignment 3: LASA: Working Ahead Kwame Danquah Argosy University FP6500 A01 Professional & Ethical Issues in Forensic Psych Cronin, Christopher 11/15/2017 Eight Steps in Ethical Decision-Making Ethical decision making according to Bush, Connell & Denney (2006), is essential especially to help therapist or psychologist avoid any situation that might cause misconduct compromising the ethics of a patient. Also, the steps are useful to a forensic psychologist by assisting them to identify and solve any ethical problems they are likely to encounter. The belief of Bush, Connell & Denney stressed on the need to develop a sense of divergence among conflict of interest; this to Bush and colleagues is useful in the legal system hence,…show more content…
In fact, the importance of avoiding prejudice is purposefully examined through the process, together with the emphasis on understanding the impact of personal values and beliefs while assessing a client's case. Also, the model indorses objectivity as an essential element from the beginning to the end. Objective professionals develop and lean on the context and setting letting the professional diverge his or her suitability to the case. However, despite the positivity of the model Psychologists are often trained to correctly approach, evaluate, and address areas which require their competence. Considering such a model can be redundant and needless since most steps overlap throughout the whole model. For example, all steps five, six as well as seven are redundant, have the same thought and gives similar answers. Reference Bush, S. S., Connell, M. A., & Denney, R. L. (2006). Ethical Practice in Forensic Psychology: A Systematic Model for Decision Making. Retrieved from Neal, T.M.S. (2010). Choosing the lesser of two evils: A framework for considering the ethics of competence for execution evaluations. Journal of Forensic Psychology Practice,10, 145-157. doi: 10.1080/15228930903446724 Swanepoel, M. (2010). Ethical decision-making in forensic psychology. Koers, 75(4), 851-872. Retrieved from

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