Importance Of Eragon In Curriculum

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Why Schools Should Include Eragon in their Curriculum Without books where would society be? Without schools where would society be? Easy question we would still be here. We might not be able to understand as much but we would be here as humans. Now today we are here with books and schools. In high school, it is required that students have at least three years of English courses. Each state and school has their own curriculums that they go by for all of their classes. A curriculum is basically a “path” that the school gives to their teachers and the teachers take them and just teach it to the students. Now based on the title, this essay is to consist of various reasons depending on whether or not a school should include Eragon in their curriculum. Eragon should be included in most schools curriculums because it has good examples…show more content…
Foreshadowing is used a lot in Eragon. Brom is a character that is a storyteller and whenever the traders come and there is celebration he tells stories. Well the main character Eragon is there and he attempts to get Brom to give more information on dragons. He ends up getting a lot of information out of Brom such as, “Dragons will only hatch if they are in the presence of a worthy rider” (Paolini 1). His dragon egg ends up hatching later that night which makes it a great example of foreshadowing. This is simple foreshadowing, because it makes it obvious about what is going to happen. Paolini mentions, “Through their training he passed, exceeding all others in skill” (1). This shows that Eragon has exceeded physical skills and is going on to a more different skill, magic which takes him a while to learn. It also shows that as Eragon gets stronger so does Saphira and it is like they are mirror images of each
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