Importance Of English Hegemony

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English hegemony English is the official language of globalization. I say ‘officially’ because

the presence of other languages is constitutive of our contemporary condition, even though

one language, above others, takes a privileged position. In the global market of linguistic

goods English becomes the language of global modernity.

Information Control

Dictators know that information management is a critical part of controlling a population.

They typically achieve this by managing the media so all that people see on the news is

what the dictator wants them to see. Groups also use information control.


A common method of controlling information is to completely remove the person (or even

the group) from any outside sources
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In short, the dominance of English operates as a means of promoting

globalization. The dominance of English doubtlessly serves to facilitate globalization.

Globalization, in turn, assumes and encourages the use and dominance of English. In other

words, the dominance of English is a reflection of the structure of global relations.

Its widespread use threatens other languages; it has become the language of power and

prestige in many countries, thus acting as a crucial gatekeeper to social and economic

progress; its use in particular domains, especially professional, may exacerbate different

power relationships and may render these domains more inaccessible to many people; its

position in the world gives it a role also as an international gatekeeper, regulating the

international flow of people; it is closely linked to national and increasingly non-national

forms of culture and knowledge that are dominant in the world; and it is also bound up
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