Importance Of English As International Language

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English language Considered as international language because several reasons . First of all it’s simple and seamless .
It is the third most common language in the world has military and economic influences and political influences of British Empire and later contributed to the United States of America in the large spread.
Spread English in the Arabian Gulf is widely and significantly due to the evolution of life in general and tourism in particular, such as the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait.
The deployment was the strongest in Saudi Arabia because of the evolution of life and the increased prevalence in recent times because of the pilgrims and different languages was easier to deal with them in English.

Used English at International
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For a period there was a kind of linguistic class division, where the lower classes spoke English and the upper classes spoke French.
In the 14th century AD English is the dominant Britain with a lot of French words and still be difficult for native English speakers to understand today.
Modern English:
The main difference between modern English and middle is vocabulary.It arose in Modern English many words and that was due to two main factors.The first industrial revolution and the technology they need to new words.Second, that the British Empire has spread even covered a quarter of the earth's surface.
The influence of English in the spread of Islam :
Because of the ease of English grammar and spread among the peoples of the world led to the spread of Islam around the world.
Recent studies in American universities has shown that Islam is the fastest-growing religions in the United States due to the translation of the Qur'an and religious books to the English language and the spread of preachers English speakers.The number of mosques across America has reached more than 1209 mosque,It built more than half over the past ten years.Ratio to convert to Islam in the United States between 17 and 30 percent and as much as the number of Americans who convert to Islam 20,000 annually as there are almost the same proportion in
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