Importance Of English As A Second Language Essay

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English as a second language
Manimozhi Sayeekumar, Bharath University, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.
In keeping with the changed position of English in india as a second or third language, it is being taught as a compulsory language in the southern states from classes III/IV/V. in the northern state it is taught from class III, class IV, or class
VIII. It is optional in some states. Experts differ about the age at which a language' class='brand-secondary'>second language could begin. Many feel that children have no difficulty in learning more than one language and the earlier we begin the second language the better. It could start anytime between four and ten years. Dr. wilder a neurospecialist recommended an early age for teaching a second language as the brain is
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These principles form a ready guide to the teacher in his day to day work of teaching words and structures.
Communicative syllabus presents the language material in the form of communicative functions rather than structures along with lexical items , many functions were identified for a particular course , they are presented in each lesson.
Problems of learning a second language:
Contrasting it with English , we all know that the child starts learning
English from class iii or iv , the conditions for learning in schools are totally different . In most children there is no real urge to learn any other language , when they can get on easily with their own native tongue. They find the native language habits in continual conflict with those needed for the new language. Paul Roberts says , “when we learn our first language habits in continual conflict with those needed in this world and learn to clothe it with speech. When we learn the second language we tend to filter the world through the language already known. “Thus mother tongue helps and also interferes in learning English.
Secondly the classroom conditions for English are artificial. There are only five or six periods for it in the timetable and only one
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