Importance Of Employee Empowerment In A Company

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Employee Empowerment of Company
Nowadays, employee empowerment is very important for company and company’s manager. Managers need to cooperate with their subordinates, because a person's time, knowledge, and energy is limited. Even if a manager can complete the work better and faster, but the problem is that managers can't do everything by themselves. If managers want to make more effective work, must give the empowerment to subordinate. Employee empowerment is a right that can help employee to make decisions by themselves in some work environment. Therefore, there are some information about what employee empowerment is and how company can get benefits from employee empowerment. In addition to, it is based on group discussion idea that the
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For employee, employee empowerment gives power to employee that make them feel there are parts of company and make they are confident to work for company. In this way, it can make employees feel happy when they are working and it also can reduce labor turnover when employees are happy. On the other hand, there is no too much communication limited in organization where all employees are empowerment. Employee can talk about their own opinions about company or other work things. Therefore, empowerment helps manager and employee to get along with more comfortable. For company, empowerment can bring some benefits to company. At first, giving responsibilities to employees is an effective management strategy the helps to increase employee satisfaction. Empowering employees gives them a feeling of belonging and ownership. In addition, if employees are satisfied with their job, they are not willing to give up their job. In other words, if employees are stayed in the company, it will reduce some cost of recruitment.

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