Importance Of Employee And Employee Relations

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Employee-Employer Relations is an important work place necessity, it allows for employee and employers to produce a satisfactory and an overall respectful environment. Employers can build a healthy relationship with their employees with workplace activities and events that focus on team building. Employers can also help strengthen relations in the workplace by outside of work activities such as volunteering for a communal cause. Another way for Employers to strengthen relations is through strategies such as encouraging effective workplace communication, allowing for an open board on all workplace topics. “A healthy relation among employees promotes a positive ambience at the workplace and employees feel happy and satisfied at work. They look forward to going to office daily and also work hard to realize their team’s as well as organization’s goals” (MSG TEAM). Team building is an important aspect to creating an effective employee-employer relationship. By using teams, you gather more knowledge than with individuals, both in formal and informal teams. (Rue and Byars) Formal teams utilize a traditional management…show more content…
Volunteer work can build camaraderie among individuals who have little or no interaction within the workplace without the restrictions inherent in a corporate hierarchy. “Encouraging employees to volunteer can benefit not only the community and a company’s public image, but also can strengthen an employer’s relationship with its employees: employees have reported greater job satisfaction and loyalty to employers who participate in civic and charitable endeavors.” (Maytal and Cole) When companies provide volunteer opportunities they are also encouraging employee engagement and retention. Volunteer work also provided the opportunity for employee recognitions. Engaged employees show an overall higher level of physical and emotional
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