Importance Of Emotional Intelligence: Redefines What It Means To Be Smart

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Emotional Intelligence: Redefines What It Means to Be Smart
Have you ever wondered how the emotional mind could impact your relationships, education, intelligence, and play a role in future success? Daniel Goleman published his first book in 1995 and it demonstrates the importance of emotional intelligence, creates understanding about what it really means, and how to be aware and how to grow our own emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence has been around for quite some time and Goleman depicts the importance of emotions throughout childhood into cooperate America.
Throughout this paper I will be unfolding the overview of pertinent history, evolutionary growth of emotional intelligence, define what emotional intelligence
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These characteristics I believe can be sometimes the hardest to achieve as a leader, especially as a new leader. What I mean by that is, many great leaders can be a “natural born leader” but truly only can see one side of the spectrum or promoted for the wrong reasons or gain power too quickly and become power hungry.
In the book, Goleman describes the term “peters principle” and how the CEO of General Electric (GE), also depicted as Chainsaw Al, became a wealthy man but at the same time was a “dirty leader” and just was executing the “dirty job” for profitability (Goleman, 1995). Well, what ended up happing was GE began to loose profits and their employees because of his executive skills. Chainsaw Al, began to look at his own self-awareness and empathy and overcame that adversity after he considered the research Goleman produced for many fortune 500 companies, and saw the change in those companies profits. Goleman describes in his works that with the increase in emotional intelligence and not cognitive intellect, profits have shown to increase between 15-20% compared to those with now emotional intellect it can reduce profits 20-25% (Goleman,
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