Importance Of Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional intelligence is the ability to truly understand a person. Being able to see when they are devastated or when they are experiencing joy you can relate too. This aspect is very important because it is all about understanding one another for how they really are, in addition, to how you can help one another. People with emotional intelligence are the people who can truly succeed in life because they are the ones who become greatest bosses, the most genuine leaders and the ones who are able to encourage people to become better people. Everyone has their own personal identity. The truly great people who are emotional intelligent geniuses are the ones who can understand that personal identity refers to the properties of their self that define them as a person. Such as someone could love making music…show more content…
This is done simply by understanding their body language, tone of voice, and language. Having a calibration system that allows you to properly identity a person’s emotion is important if you’re trying to empathize with them. Although I am still developing my emotional intelligence, I understand the importance of having this skill. Regular intelligence is important because with intelligence, you develop the ability to make the right decision. In addition, intelligence comes with knowledge and experience which better equips you to handle any situation. Although, this looks like the better option, a great leader needs both intelligence and emotional intelligence: the ability to lead your troop the most intelligent way into battle and the ability to give them the will to be able to risk everything to ensure they come across
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