Effective Communication: Strategies and Significance

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STRATEGIES TO ENFORCE OR ENCOURAGE EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION SIGNIFICANCE OF THE CONCEPT Communication is the cat of conveying intended meaning to another entity through the use of mutually understood signs and semiotic rules (Wikipedia), communication could be verbal or nonverbal, verbal communication is dependent on several factor which cannot be isolated from one another, this includes interpersonal skill such as nonverbal communication, listening skills and clarifications. An effective Communication uses the righty terminologies when communicating ideas or information and request for clarification where necessary. It ensures that statements are direct and unambiguous and ensure the formal English or general language is used. It is important …show more content…

Oral communication is facilitated by talking directly and face to face with patients or fellow nurse face to face communication with patient occurs when the nurse is assessing the patient, the nurse has to employ the act of listening, to be able to understand the patient’s condition and exactly what the patient is feeling as regards their signs and symptoms. During handing and taking over of shift i.e. change of shifts, all necessary plan and information about the patient’s condition should be relayed to the next shift for proper care to be carried out. All planned procedure should be handed over orally and in written form to avoid neglect or forgetting the procedure. In written communication, the handwriting should be clear enough to be read anybody and self explanatory. All written prescription should be cross checked for right drug, dose and route of …show more content…

Effective communication of a message is portrayed and understood by the receiver who can easily deludes the message without major extra effort and feedback is created immediately by the receiver. Understanding the strategies of effective communication helps to develop effective interpersonal relationship between the nurse and the pertinent and between an organizational employee and their clients. It also leads to better outcome of service delivery in an organization take for example in a call centre, an employee with effective communication skill makes the best call agent and leaves the clients satisfied after their conversation. Communication is affected by new technologies today, a person must keep on upgrading themselves in order to keep up with the new invention of technologies and changes in the technological world. People need communication skill in order to be able to express themselves effectively and be understood by the other party. Encouraging effective communication helps the community to grow even in the face of diverse culture; people can understand each other and offer help when

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  • Explains communication is the cat of conveying intended meaning to another entity through mutually understood signs and semiotic rules. an effective communication uses the righty terminologies when communicating ideas or information.
  • Explains that effective communication requires identifying the barriers to communication and eliminating or minimizing them as much as possible.
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