Importance Of Effective Communication

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The short film presentation, Effective Communication in Nursing by LiveAndLearn614 YouTube video (2012), which outlined two types of communication with a patient provides valuable insights into high quality and very poor communication. This paper will outline the importance of professional communication, the provision of information and quality handover procedures. It will identify how this major theme relates to patient care, health outcomes and the professional image and behavior of nurses.

The principles of communication are vital because they can be used in a range of situation including: with different population groups (culturally diverse, family and group communication), conflict situations, health and safety promotion strategies, patients with communication deficits and supporting continuity of care throughout various care settings (Arnold, 2013, pvii). This paper will also demonstrate how this theme relates directly to the fourth domain, “Collaborative and Therapeutic Practice,” in the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council (ANMC) Competency Standards.

Professional communication is a key building block in providing consistent and quality care to the patients. The sector standards provide an excellent framework to ensure all aspects of communication are maximised in a holistic care approach. The following elements of the ANMC Competency Standards relate to and cross-reference with each other to support high quality communication with a focus on meeting individual patient needs:
“Standard 9.1 Establishes therapeutic relationships that are goal directed and recognises professional boundaries, Standard 9.2 Communicates effectively with individuals/groups to facilitate provision of care and Standard 10.2 Communicates nur...

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...y Council, 2005).

Signs of poor communication as a result of stress and burnout include: dehumanisation of patients and communication that shows callousness and/or cynicism. Nurses needs to realize the signs of a burnout as this can effect the communication between the patient furthermore affecting the patient care and their health outcomes. If the nurse personally affects the patient care and the patient’s health outcomes this also negatively affects their professional image and behaviour.

Professional communication is important in creating, gathering and sharing health information. It is a central human process that enables individuals and groups to develop effective plans to address health risks and conditions. There is a strong link between communication practices and health outcomes. As well as taking into consideration meeting the individual patient needs.
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