Importance Of Educational Leadership

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Becoming an instructional leader doesn’t happen overnight and is a position that strongly impacts student learning. Since student achievement is a top priority for school leaders, knowing what it takes to be an effective instructional leader should be the primary focus for anyone with the desire to become one. To pursue my dream of becoming an educational leader, the courses taken at the University of West Florida provided a wealth of knowledge and paved the way for implementing my vision and maximizing my leadership skills. Throughout the course of the program, emphasis on the Florida Principal Leadership Standards competently prepared me for certification in educational leadership.
EDA 6063 As the first course in the Educational Leadership
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Leaders are not born, but they are developed and created from a variety of experiences, skills, strategies, and opportunities that hone leadership from within. When developed, the innate traits of a person help create an effective leader. Taking a closer look at my beliefs, values, and norms, I was able to establish my leadership platform. Because education is going through a paradigm shift, being a transformational leader could make these challenges easier to handle. Transformational leadership, which focuses on inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, personal and individual attention, and charisma, are major characteristics of this approach to leadership. After reading the article about Walt Disney in EDG 6503, Disney exemplifies this leadership style, and leading by example is the key to its success. In order to promote my vision, cultivate future leaders, improve student learning, and be a change agent, I must be able to identify my strengths and weaknesses as a leader. During this course several assessments and surveys were completed to help with this process. Understanding the core ingredients identified by these assessment tools has helped guide me along my journey in educational leadership. The personality indicator Meyers Briggs revealed extroverted characteristics that will greatly assist me with inspiring a school vision, building relationships and new leaders, and motivating team members. Another aspect of this could be helpful with implementing second order change. My leadership style and change approach inventory identify strengths in being a team player, concerned with problem solving, and helping others find solutions. When implementing a decision making process, these traits will be assets. Several areas were identified that show

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