Importance Of Education In Education

An Introduction of the Topic Educational freedom is basically the freedom for the parents to choose what to teach their children and where they should attend schools. Which serves both religious and/ or moral education for the student. Parents strive to make their children the best that they can be and to provide the best resources for them. The parents and educators both would invest time and energy into the child and make sure they get the best education that is possible. With allowing parents to have the freedom to decide what school their child attends will allow for them to ensure that they are making sure the needs of their child are met. I am writing about this topic in particular because I believe the parents should have a say in what…show more content…
While school choice is legal, educational freedom is not yet to be correlated on a widespread level. With the importance of religion and moral beliefs, it makes it difficult for the instructors to teach certain material. Continuing, the parents did not agree with what was being taught for moral reasons and was offensive to their religious beliefs (Gryphon and Meyer 2003). I do not believe that this would be hindering children from learning, yes it may cause problems between the parent and the administrators. In some cases, it may hinder the students moral and civic skills by not allowing the student learn how to determine his/her own moral skills. And with civic skills, it would be not being able to learn things outside of his/her own religion. It affects parents, students, teachers and the community. If educational freedom was allowed, then it would be very hard for a teacher to incorporate different things into his/her lessons and to make sure they do not use such things that come into conflict with each and every one child’s religious or moral beliefs. As stated in a source, The Amish do not agree with formal education after the 8th grade year (Gryphon and Meyer 2003), and this is a case where it would hinder the education of children and where the child would not have to attend school. While religion is important I believe that education is just as important. When asking some questions, “What school attributes do families value? Is the school’s academic attainment record important, or do other factors out-weigh it?” (Burgess et. all. 2015). If the parents want a say in the curriculum, they should have values and morals that they also believe in and really care about. With those questions in mind, it is very important that those affected such as the parents, students, and
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