Importance Of Dress Code In School

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Dress Code: The Improvement of Schools The topic of dress codes is a subject of debate throughout the educational system. The issue of dress codes is of great interest to not only educators but also their communities. Due to the importance of dress code students and teachers have always had restrictions on their choice of clothing to some extent. Schools across the world have minimum dress code policies in place about what cannot be worn in the school. However, the policies that are instated across schools are highly variable and lack conformity across schools. This lack of clarity and uncertainty over what students should wear in schools is very apparent (Gereluk, 2007). The ambiguity of student clothing is why many schools have taken the…show more content…
Having no distinctive rules about the appropriate apparel can bring concern to the notion of the student’s health and safety. Violence in the schools today has been labeled by health professionals as a threat to the overall health and academic success of students (King, 1998). As the issues in violence continue in schools, many have noted a possible connection between school violence and the type of apparel that the students are wearing at school (King, 1998). The trends at schools and most importantly the urban schools follow the fashion industry which is dominated by gang related apparel (King, 1998). Through the use of such clothing the concerns of such gang violence would most likely increase. The baggy clothing and oversized shirts can attribute to an indirect increase in the transporting of drugs and weapons into the school (King, 1998). In addition to the issue of lack of uniformity is the issue of socio-economic status. Students injuries have been attributed out of envy of other students designer clothes (King, 1998). The school is supposed to be a safe environment that is a good atmosphere for learning. However, when there is violence in the schools the atmosphere is not conducive for such an atmosphere and actually affects the student’s motivation for learning (King, 1998). The result of the lack of safety is a failure on the potential teaching and learning capability. Thus, in an environment that would use uniforms would be able to establish a better academic outcome as the fear of violence from gang and class distinction would be eradicated. It would help students concentrate on their school work, easily recognize visitors to the school and help students with the issue of peer