Importance Of Dog Man's Best Friend

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People say that dog is man's best friend. Throughout the history of mankind dogs have earned an important and appreciated place in people's hearts showing them unconditional love and support whenever they need them. Generally, people like animals, as I do too, but of all possible pets to choose I would always choose a dog. With all my will, creativity and delight I chose to write this essay about dogs because lately I have been wanting to get one very badly.
My fondness of dogs appeared in my childhood. I used to stay at my grandparents' country house with my brother for the whole summer. Grandma and grandpa used to have two Manchester terriers. One was true blooded terrier and another was a mixed type. But they were both adorable and very smart. As I was 10 years old and my brother was 6 when we first time spend summer holidays in countryside we got very attached to those dogs. True blooded terrier was actually female and she was born the same year as I was and she lived for 13 human years. She was very bright and friendly. She helped my little brother with his first steps when he was learning to walk. Every time when we arrived she would run out of the yard and give us a lovely welcome treat. I really loved her. Once she was hurt in a dog fight and my grandma bandaged her all around the stomach because she was bitten very bad. I cried and thought that she is not going to make it but she fortunately survived. My brother and I used to dress both dogs in our old T-shirts and pants. We had a great time with them. They were always very patient and willing to obey.
As we got very attached to the dogs, our parents got us one. He was a Pointer. Therefore he kept running around and wanted more freedom so he started to break through the ...

... middle of paper ... you don't have to insure that they train as much as a Stafford terrier. You can just walk or run with him whenever you have free time. And they are very smart, playful and friendly to children and older people. But my mom wants a smaller dog. So we will have to negotiate.
To conclude, I am very fond of dogs, they are my favorite animals and pets. They love us unconditionally and they are always loyal to us as much as possible. They express their love and care for us every day on their own special way. They make us smile when we are in the bad mood. Therefore here is an interesting quote by Cesar Millan: 'The love of a dog is unconditional. Being unconditional, that’s a dog. Humans are very conditional. Dogs, accepting. You can look horrible, but a dog will look at you like you’re the most beautiful human being ever, because what he’s looking at is your feelings.'

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