Importance Of Diversity Management

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Diversity management can be seen as a type of management and specifically relates to that of Human Resource Management. This Process of Management is shifted towards recognising the differences between people and the support for acceptance and respect in the workplace. While workplace diversity is not a new phenomenon, organisations are beyond seeking competitive advantage by adding new technology or introducing new products, now organisations are meeting expectations of investors, customers, employees and even the general public by leading the way with the recognition of diversity in the workplace. Implementing and enforcing HR policies that nurture and flourish the acceptance of difference and similarities of individuals is a war of strengthening management and leading the way for a better working environment.

The Australian workforce is one of the most multicultural in the world. Today most Australians would recognise themselves as living in a multicultural society. Australians identify with more than 270 ancestries and 2 out of 5 Australian people have one parent born overseas...
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