Importance Of Dissection

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Parameter SA A NA
I. Positive perceptions
Dissection still the most efficient method of learning anatomy
(49.0%) 101
(21.81%) 63
(13.60%) 50
(10.79%) 22
Dissection provides better overall perspective 134
(28.94%) 148
(31.96%) 56
(12.09%) 112
(24.19) 13
Will help in feeling more comfortable with patients subsequently 238
(51.40%) 96
(20.73%) 38
(8.20%) 79
(17.06%) 12
Will make me more responsible doctor in future 102
(22.03%) 118
(22.48%) 164
(35.42%) 45
(9.71%) 34
It makes me feel different and better from other non-medical peers 297
(64.14%) 113
24.40%) 34
(7.34%) 12
(2.59%) 7
Generates lot of interest and excitement 189
(40.82%) 154
(33.26%) 27
(5.83%) 46
(9.93%) 47
II. Negative
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But abundant evidence is countering their view, where in the consumers of the knowledge, the medical students perceive otherwise, appreciating such method which is necessary for innocuous and comprehensive medical practice (2, 6, 9-12). More than half of the students in the study (52.7%) preferred the clinical dissection as the method to make them understand the topographical human anatomy while a minor portion of them (14% each) preferred either computer assisted learning (CAL) or problem based learning (PBL). A similar higher percentage of students (44%) chose dissection as the primary method of learning in a study by Azer et al, (2), while 23% of them preferred textbooks over CAL (10%) as the desired method. Recently the western methods of teaching anatomy have undergone considerable modifications. Many of them advocating reduction in the overall teaching duration of the long held traditional method of dissection for imparting the knowledge and understanding of the subject of anatomy to medical students towards the modern methods like CAL or PBL. However, the success of such methods seem to be far fetched as the students still prefer the former to a larger extent than the latter types (10, 13-16). In fact many of the subject experts have commented that there is a need…show more content…
Also the former group in that study had better appreciation of the need for clinically concerned anatomy teaching method and dissection. This finding is in line with our study where 74% of them opined that the present emphasis on dissection should be continued unchanged. Such methods enhance the lucidity of understanding the three-dimensional relational mind map of the regions of the human body among the students (21,

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