Importance Of Disciplining Children

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Some parents believe that disciplining your child is pointless but in all reality it actually is beneficial. Every parent, no matter what ethnic background or religion, has disciplined their child for a certain reason. Reason being that the parent expects more and desires a successful life for their child. The way parents discipline their children, proven by statistics from several prestigious universities, appear similar to the way they were treated as a child. Hence, why if a parent came from an abusive childhood, some tend to use abusive discipline options. Regardless of the background of the parents, they all seem to have a common goal of wanting their children to be more successful in life, not having to struggle to like the parent had to in order to provide for their child. While some parents believe that disciplining a child is pointless, it is actually beneficial because if a child is not disciplined, no matter what discipline technique may have been used, then they believe that whatever they are doing, whether it be stealing…show more content…
Parents have many of experiences both good and bad from their childhood and early adulthood, and when they see their child heading towards a decision that may not be healthy for them, they discipline child to prevent that mistake from happening again. Suppose a child is trying to fit in with all the popular kids in his/her grade level, and in order for this kid to be “cool” they have to do something that might harm them, either physically or mentally, in order to fit in. When parents see that the child is attempting to do that action they discipline them in order to prevent the child from making a mistake, that the parents might have done as well, that was going to harm them in some way. Children are disciplined by their parents in order to prevent some horrible mistakes that might have occurred if some action wasn’t taking
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