Importance Of Democracy Essay

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When it comes to the topic of whether democracy is the best form of government, most of us will readily agree that in theory, a well-planned democratically elected institution should represent an accurate sampling of the general population which it has been elected to serve. Where this agreement usually ends however, is on the question of which particular form of democracy is the best overall representation of the concept in question, and as to whether or not this ideal representation outweighs any other type of competing institutional system. Whereas some are convinced that the US Constitution, and the federal institution created in its image are the perfect example of what a truly effective democratic process embodies, and that
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As Julia Paley summarizes, “The most straightforward assertion is that democracy is a political form, differentiable from other political forms such as monarchy and dictatorship. Within that rubric there exists ‘different systems of democracy: advanced liberal democracy, parliamentary democracy, electoral democracy, socialist democracy”(Paley). In other words, Paley believes that democracy can be described as a generic terminology used to encompass any political system that involves a voting process. With so many different methods and regulations in practice regarding to the processes of electing legislatures, parliaments, presidents, and prime ministers, it becomes increasingly difficult to express the idea of democracy as a simple, all-inclusive…show more content…
The People’s Republic of China underwent a Communist revolution in 1949, and has since then undergone several stages of revision in attempt to keep up with fluctuations in its population and regional distribution of revenue in contrast to industrialization and shifts in overall production. As a result, China has established economic dominance in the far east. The particular model of government utilized by China is not only unique in regards to its versatile design, it is also worth mentioning that on a national level, China is still a single party communist legislature. As Dali L. Yang states of scholarly attempts to classify China’s current political model, “They suggest that the Chinese economy has come under the thrall of a market preserving federalism with Chinese characteristics. Under such a market preserving federalist system, there is a clear division of authority between central and local governments, with the local authorities assuming primary responsibility and control over their economies”(Yang). Yang’s point is that with the liberty to implement specialized policy on a local level, party officials play the economic and political situation by ear, and adopt and abandon policy as is required. Emphasis of the overall level of effectiveness can be expressed with one simple statement. China is the currently the world’s largest
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