Importance Of Decision Making In School Management

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Standard 6: Decision Making. Decision-making is skills will be taken under any circumstances. The leader should research and analysis of the problem scientific analysis to facilitate decision-making and find suitable alternatives and most effective way to solve the problem. Studying mathematics gives me a good way of effective decision make and problem solve. In mathematics I usually follow steps and strategies before I make decision for the best answer. First, I refine the problem, to make sure I understand exactly what I need to accomplish, then gather as much information about it as I can. Next, I find possible solutions, choose the best one, and act upon it, so I usually follow these step in my real life with seeking expert advice is necessary…show more content…
School Management can be defined as: understanding the organization operation and provide good resources to achieve better learning environment. It also refers to management of school in such a way that capitalizes on resources in order to endorse a safe, legal and effective learning environment. In short, school management is an act of managing or administering the school. Although, the use of computer is increasingly growing, particularly in schools, yet it is the human resource that plays a significant role in effective school management. As per my previous school heads and leaders, I know how to use the available resources of school to promote the institutional efforts in school improvement and faculty development. The available resources can be physical resources like building, instruments, classrooms and human resources, and financial resources. My time management skills allow me to organize time, tasks, and projects effectively with clear objectives and coherent plans established by school administration. Throughout my teaching experience, I always made proper use of human, material and financial resources. Moreover, I have ability to achieve the objectives of school in the best and cheapest

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