Importance Of Decision Making In A Medical Practitioner

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Decision making plays a very important role in a medical practitioner’s career. Making these decisions can be exceptionally difficult particularly when often a patient’s health depends on the decision the practitioner makes. Often the practitioner has to make an almost immediate decision after only a short discussion with the patient at the initial meeting, further concreting the need for effective decision making. Making the correct decision can be complicated and difficult, and often errors are made. An extensive amount of medical errors can be attributed to diagnosis errors, creating a significant financial burden (Graber, Gordon & Franklin, 2002). However there are ways to aid in decision making such as; checklist, further training, and enlightenment on psychological phenomenon that effect the process. These methods will be explored here. When making a decision, an individual will seek cues from the environment to gather information. When reaching a decision, there are two factors that influence this; the external cues or information and the stored long-term memory of the individual. Using long-term memory…show more content…
Experience plays a major role in the decision making process. If an individual is naturally talented or gifted, they still require a minimum of 10 years to be considered an expert in their field (Ericsson, 2004). However it is not just experience that contributes to the enhanced performance of experts. Ericsson (2006) proposes that deliberate practice lead to enhanced performance in the aspect that is practiced. Without deliberate practice the individual runs the risk of automating the process, which in turn will halt improvements in their performance. In order to avoid premature automation and arrested development, individuals must practice their skill deliberately and frequently. Through deliberate practice, individuals will gain cognitive skill to aid in their continued learning and

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