Importance Of Database Management System

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People came up with the term database as the computer industry was growing in popularity. A database management system means exactly what its name is, it is computer software designed to create and manage databases. This software gives users and programmers an organized way to retrieve, create, update, and manage data. A database management system (DBMS) creates ways for end users to read data in a database as well (MindTap). The DBMS basically serves as a crossing point between databases and normal users or programs, confirming that data will constantly be organized and stay accessible pretty easily. The three important things that the DBMS manages are the data, the database, and the database engine. All of these elements help deliver…show more content…
They may be able to stop or block changes to information based on the environment of the business and individual in charge of the data. In order for employees to be allowed to view, change or recreate certain parts of database systems, they must carry proper skills that are needed by the company or program that they work for. The owners or administrators usually have complete control on which person is able to see certain types of information on the database management systems. Database management systems are extremely important to organizations and businesses because they offer a very efficient technique to using many types of data within that business or organization. A lot of data within the business field that can easily be managed is employee records, pay rates, student information, accounting, currency, and inventory on products (MindTap). These database management systems are built for versatility, and this allows users to have easier and more precise access of data. Database management systems save massive amounts of time because without them, tasks would have to manually be…show more content…
This allows each user or worker to access that data from a different location, so when a company has to update an employee’s record, the updated data changes in the original location. A few more benefits that companies have while using database management systems are the enhanced data reliability, upgraded flexibility of information systems, increased accessibility and obtainability of data and information and logical and physical data freedom (MindTap). Database management systems allow users to store their data more efficient than other ways because the data is only in one location. A pretty decent database management system that companies may use is Microsoft Access. This database gives workers the ability to manipulate other data in a database. Microsoft Access is one of the tiniest database development tools available for users and businesses. Businesses that are bigger and manage more quantities of data at a time, normally invest their money into more industrial database systems. These systems include IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle, and all of these database systems are much more commanding and pricey
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