Importance Of Customer Loyalty

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1.1 Introduction
Brand loyalty is one of the important aspects of the consumer behavior where the customers becomes committed to the brands and go for the repeat purchase over a period of time. The customer prefers to buy their preferred products or brands and go for repeat purchase regardless of the price and the convenience. The marketers to build the brand-secondary'>customer loyalty go for the extra miles. They arrange the loyalty programmes, trials or the reward programme.

2.2 How review has been conducted
I have reviewed different articles from journals, newspapers and reports published on the various newspaper and research journals.

2.3 Studies conducted
Customer loyalty is something that marketers should generate, rather waiting for it to happen. The importance of customer loyalty nowadays makes the marketers design for new strategies to keep the customer close.
Need of the hour is to study the need of customer loyalty, its survival in ever increasing world of
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The consumers vouch for a loyalty bonus cards . (Why consumers participate in loyalty programs,Ayaz Nanji Aug 1, 2014),
Fading level of loyalty is a threat and opportunity to the company is a term of past or is it still there prevailing. The author cites the example of Nokia where the market has switched to other brands like Samsung, Micromax.Both the sides have been measured. (Goodbye Mr Loyalty, Is Brand Loyalty Dead?,Prasad Sangameshwaram Sep 9, 2009), The fading thickness of the relation between consumer and the brands is visible. Both the male and female population has been considered under the study.It is a tough task out there to retain the customers.New trends are coming in the
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