Importance Of Curriculum Planning

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Within the steps of curriculum planning, a school needs to focus at what actually gets results and to assess the current needs. “In many school districts, a failure to assess the true needs of the learner results in a dysfunctional curriculum” (Wiles & Bondi, 2002, pg.113). To do this it is important to develop a list of “quality indicators”, items that may possibly affect what is needed by a school, that need reviewing when conducting a needs assessment. These are, but are not limited too: 1) budget 2) student data 3) effectiveness of current programs 4) learning environment and 5) professional development. When analyzing these indicators a school or district may see that a policy change is needed in order to plan for the best curriculum. The first indicator that should be reviewed is that of a school’s budget. It is important that the curriculum planning committee knows what monies that have been put aside for curriculum. This will allow them to prioritize their needs according to what can be afforded. It can also help guide future budgets when different phases of a curriculum ar...
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